The prune (dried plum) is a calorie-rich dried fruit with high fiber and natural sugar content.  Prunes may be consumed as is or processed to accompany both sweet and savory dishes. 

Bulgaria´s weather along with the application of the traditional agricultural practices allow to prepare the healthiest and very delicious fruit.

The traditional plum species in Bulgaria is Stanley and we grow this species mainly. The flesh plum is amber yellow, sweet and firm.

The harvest in Europe is around September, depending on climatic specifics of the area.

During harvest, the fresh plums are picked by hand from the trees. Immediately after collection, plums are taken to the processing plant. There, they are washed, placed on large wooden trays and dehydrated in a series of operations. Approximately three kilograms of plums are needed to produce one kilogram of prunes.

We offer dried, natural condition prunes as well as  rehydrated pitted prunes.

Dried prunes “Stanley” 19% moisture (w/b)

Rehydrated prunes “Stanley” – pitted  23% to 34% moisture (DFA method)

Packing: bulk 20 KG box, other weight and packaging options on demand.